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Quality beekeeping supplies straight from one of Europe’s leading apiculture brands.
We supply a full suite of beekeeping supplies and equipment to get you started whether you are a hobbyist beekeeper or a large-scale honey-making enterprise. We offer a wide range of honey extractors, creaming, uncapping, and dispensing equipment. All our products are compliant with the declaration of conformity and are health quality certified. All of the Lyson products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The Lyson products are well known and widely recognised within the beekeeping industry throughout the world.

The Łysoń Story

Thanks to many years of experience Lyson, Poland, have become a pioneer in the production of beekeeping equipment, such as honey extractors, bottlers, creamers, uncappers, and more!
Just like us, Lyson is inspired by bees! Bees know no borders and they are similar too. Starting as a small company servicing Poland with innovative beehives they are now producing innovative beekeeping machines that service beekeepers across the globe. Lyson has become a global brand, creating trends and changing the world’s beekeeping industry which is why we decided to make Lyson our provider of choice when it came to beekeeping equipment in Australia.

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Free shipping on orders of $2000 or more to your closest Mainfreight Depot
To deliver your favourite products, we have partnered with the most reliable companies. We are ready to entrust them with your orders and are always on your side if something goes wrong. If your order is delivered broken or incomplete PLEASE call within 24 hours of receiving your item so we can start a claims process with the carrier. ________________________________________ We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. But you can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem. This is when the item: • has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it • is unsafe • is significantly different from the sample or description • doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value. If the problem is not major, we will repair the item within a reasonable time. If it is not repaired in a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement. Please keep your proof of purchase-e.g. your receipt.


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